Guy B. Roberts, one of the most influential figures in the Trump administration, is a Guest at MASA

Guy B. Roberts, who previously served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and the Deputy Secretary General of NATO during the Trump administration, is coming to Ankara as a guest of the MASA Strategy Center.

Invited to Turkey by the founder of the MASA Strategy Center, Atılgan Bayar, Roberts is scheduled to participate in a closed session at MASA from November 6th to 8th, as well as deliver lectures and presentations at universities.

The press release issued by the MASA Strategy Center includes the following statements:

During the closed session to be held at the MASA Strategy Center, discussions will revolve around the evolving strategic landscape in our region, the future of NATO, Turkey’s new role within NATO, possibilities related to the use of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons, which have come to the forefront with the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Furthermore, the meeting will explore alternative scenarios regarding potential new threats that Turkey may face in the future, and a report will be prepared accordingly.

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